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agh! I’m behind! I hope that it makes you happy to know that it’s because we’ve been having a blast lately! Hiking sand dunes, climbing categorized hills and walking around ski town Colorado. I can’t believe I only have 19 days left. It seems unreal to me that my biking days are almost over. We still have 3 rest days and I should have 2 more van days so that’s only 14 days of biking. Really hard to believe. No part of me (except maybe my legs) wants this journey to be over. I’ll be updating you more thoroughly shortly but I’m hoping these pics of our rides will hold you all over!

Love you lots:)



2003 MTV Movie Awards

The early 00’s were a fascinating, terrifying era in history…

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So the last couple days have been pretty standard 4K — got to the host pretty early both days and explored the towns a little. However, I was thinking on my bike today how much I’ve learned and how that would be interesting to share! So here goes nothing:

1) never pass up a shower
2) or food
3) or a real bathroom
4) or water
5) patience is one of the most important things you can possess
6) and on that note, you’ll get to the host when you get to the host
7) stop take pictures of pretty things, you’ll remember those
8) actually wake up at 430 when the rooster tells you to
9) helping people out at 5am is what makes a team
10) the morning cheer-meister is the make or break of the day (shoutout Jeremy)
11) going with the flow a little more is crucial to surviving the real world
12) there’s a time to talk and there’s a time to get to work
13) sleep is important
14) coffee can make a world of difference
15) controlling your hangries will preserve your teams cohesiveness for the remainder of your ride — keep the sass in your head
16) you always get up the hill.. even if you’re in a smaller gear than everyone else
17) attitude is actually everything (I never used I believe this one)
18) never pass a laundry day
19) it’s important to stay in touch and miss people
20) but it’s also important to live where you are when you’re there — don’t miss too much
21) thank You’s change someone’s whole day
22) getting a flat really isn’t that bad
23) using a hand pump is
24) headwinds

Thanks @jennacole6 we are the flyway team around! 🇺🇸🚲😋 #4kforcancer #4ksanclan

Thanks to these three incredible friends I made it 100 miles today through North Carolina!

Stolen from @michelle_may .. the San Clan hits state 3! 🇺🇸

"you always are where you’re going."

- me, talking to Greg about the past and the future. i’m so deep, guys. (via accidentalbaby)

day 0


Hi Everyone!

So I’m really doing it…biking across the country with 28 (as of now) strangers. We leave Sunday, but I have to be in Baltimore on Friday for some weekend events. To say I’m getting nervous is an understatement. Physically, I feel relatively prepared but I am sure I’ll be sore for…

Hi guys! I’m biking across the country this summer and this is the link to the blog I’ll be using along the way! It’s for an AWESOME cause so check us out and follow my journey!